Asian College of Teachers has been accepted as an alliance and fully accredited member of the IAO-International Accreditation Organization, a well-known international quality assurance agency in constant endeavor to improve, maintain and retain the finest quality standards of educational institutions all over the world. IAO grants accreditation to educational institutions using its global network of experts which increases the acceptability of the education provider worldwide. Asian College of Teachers has been granted international accreditation by the IAO which will provide the students the credibility of not only getting a diploma or a certificate but earning a diploma or a certificate from an internationally accredited institute. Receiving a globally recognized certificate from Asian College of Teachers, an accredited member of IAO will make a big difference for the students of ACT as it will not only provide them with quality education but also with better employment opportunities. Asian College of Teachers always takes into account the requirements and perspectives of its students and the accreditation by IAO will further help in improving and enhancing the educational standard on a global level. Upon successful completion the candidates are awarded certificates for the Diploma in Educational Management and Administration. Candidates have to face assignments twice in the entire course, once after the fifth phase and then at the very end of the program after completion of the ninth phase. After completing the entire program, the certification process will start. The candidate will get the course completion certificate within a month from the date of completion.